Professional Vaccum Coater - ET-PVD

Category Painting Line

Equipment developed for small and medium productions with great material savings (ink). Its operation consists in bathing the profile with paint. For this, a vacuum suction system is used, leaving the profile with the desired material layer. Its painting compartment is made of stainless steel, also has pumps for application and replenishment of the material, thus avoiding equipment shutdowns. It has a filtration system, vacuum pressure regulating clock, filtration compartments. Feed system. Applies materials based on water and UV. Related equipment (for production line application): Automatic Feeder, Roller Linear Transfer, Drying Tunnel (UV, Steam, Electrical Resistance, Infrared or Microwave), Belt Linear Transfer, Industrial Polisher Sander, Automatic Unloader.

Technical specifications

Dimensions of equipment:
- Length: 2.700 mm.
- Width: 1.700 mm.
- Height: 1.400 mm.
Dimensions of profiles:
- Length: 800-inf. mm.
- Width: 10-200 mm.
- Height: 05-60 mm.


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