Funerary Urns


Culturally we humans put death as a moment of loss, pain, extreme sadness and mystery.

Most religions have death as an event marked by the hope of return, where there is a concern of individuals with postmortem salvation. In the various religions death has a meaning, each with its own way of interpreting this "end." But in all religions and traditions death is marked by celebrations, rituals, and symbologies. Funeral practices have always played an important role, for burial means a form of feeling for one who has gone from the biological to the spiritual, which in a way requires a ceremonial. Therefore from a distant past man adorns the place or container that will contain the remains of his loved ones, regardless of the materials that would constitute this urn, ceramic, stone or wood. Today the most usual are the wooden urns or derivatives, but always with ornaments, which affirm their appreciation and reverence for the one that leaves us.

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