Sitting, sleeping, storing, eating, among other things, led to the use of wooden benches, pallets, hammocks, chests, chests and trestle tables.

Although they were practical solutions, these pieces were devoid of major aesthetic intentions. The use that the man made from the furniture was always connected to his lifestyle. Before when nomad, living in tents or caves this use almost did not exist. But when he goes on to have a fixed housing, their needs change and he does not want to sleep or sit on the floor of his home, in some cases the dirt floor. Beds are made, but without mattresses, and so other rustic pieces. Also the religious aspect creates furniture needs, in churches and in homes. So the furniture have been developed according to the human needs, available materials and manufacturing techniques. Today the furniture is produced industrially, in series as the modular or tailored; it received significant advances in technology, but still have the working memory of artisans and craftsmen of the past.



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