Doors and Panels Recoiler/Laminator with Adhesive Hot Melt, PUR Application by coating gun in Coiled Materials

Category Wrapping Line

Equipment used for coating / laminating sheets / doors / panels with the most diverse substrates (wood, MDF, MDP and others) up to 1850 mm wide. This equipment is configured to work with application of adhesives PUR per lip and pre-fuser tank 200 kg type DRUM with pumping through heated hose with Unesa manufacturing.

This equipment can coat the sheets / doors / panels with PVC, PET, melamine paper, leather, fabric, coiled wood, among other wound materials. Depending on the configuration, the equipment can also operate with PVA adhesives.

Technical specifications

Dimensions of equipment:
- Length: 10.100 mm.
- Width: 3.300 mm.
- Height: 3.300 mm.
Dimensions of pieces:
- Length: 500-inf. mm.
- Width: 50-2.000 mm.
- Height: 0,01-60 mm.


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