Industrial Plaster Trafila

Category Extrusion Line

Extremely robust equipment developed to coat profiles of the most differentiated shapes with plaster (trafila) by an extrusion process. Simple operation and maintenance. Its traction system with cardan ensures that small vibrations will not reach the profile, providing a perfect finish, however complex it may be. Rulers with retractable handles, rubberized pulleys and numerical scale for greater accuracy in profile adjustment. Your wiper blade with dust pickup cleans the profile surface. Independent feed and return drive of the panel to facilitate the installation of the plasterboard. Drive speed controlled by frequency inverter. * Optional: PLC and tire.
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Technical specifications

Dimensions of equipment:
- Length: 2.520 mm.
- Width: 1.310 mm.
- Height: 1.520 mm.
Dimensions of profiles:
- Length: 800-inf. mm.
- Width: 10-300 mm.
- Height: 05-80 mm.


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