Gluing Machine to Adjustable Door Trim - ET-CVR

Category Wrapping Line

Equipment used for several types of side gluing, providing the union between two profiles, obtaining with this process the desired profile. This equipment has an advance speed of up to 60 meters per minute, with the ability to operate with PUR / EVA type adhesives or only EVA according to the configuration.

The ET-CVR is equipped to operate with various types of substrate, such as wood, MDF, MDP, agglomerate, pinus, plywood, among others, and can mill / deburve / level profile inside a insulation cabin in a single process, ensuring agility to production..

Technical specifications

Dimensions of equipment:
- Length: 9.470 mm.
- Width: 2.680 mm.
- Height: 2.150 mm.
Dimensions of profiles:
- Length: 1800-2.750 mm.
- Width: 10-150 mm.
- Height: 08-60 mm.
Profile flap dimensions:
- Length: 1.900-2.800 mm.
- Width: 25-75 mm.
- Height: 01-06 mm.


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